The (not so) Little Book of Astronomical Curiosities

and Explanations of Celestial Phenomena

by Dr. Robert James Douglas

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"I loved reading The (not so) Little Book of Astronomical Curiosities by Dr. Robert James Douglas. I was immersed for weeks reading the 59 topics such as The Orbital Resonance of the Galilean Moons Io, Europa, and Ganymede and The Fate of the Sun. The math is precise, accurate and explanatory. You encounter a little multiplication, division and sine/cosine type stuff. Our deep ancestors knew a great deal about the cycles of the sky though they didn't know why. The layperson today knows so very little of the cycles and hardly any 'why'. This concise about 250 page book takes you on a journey to a modern understanding of the sky, the Sun, Moon, planets and stars. And the author poses interesting questions like what does the Charon, the moon of Pluto, look like from Pluto? Two moons of Saturn occupy the same orbit - why don't they collide? How do six stars orbit each other? Could a moon have a moon itself? This book can be read by novices as well as knowledgeable amateur astronomers. If you are looking for a more satisfying and deeper way of knowing our universe, if you are looking for a read that you can enjoy topic by topic, then dive into this unusual book. You'll be the better for it."
Mel Bartels

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